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Chloe + Maddison Skin is a premier Permanent Makeup Studio specializing in the latest industry techniques in micro pigmentation

Cashmyr Scott | Owners

Chloe + Maddison Skin is a premier Permanent Makeup Studio specializing in the latest industry techniques in micro pigmentation and has the largest digital footprint in Permanent Makeup within Colorado Springs, CO. We service clients in need of permanent makeup services such as Microblading, Micro shading, Permanent Lip Color and Eye Liner, Scalp Micro pigmentation, and Scar Camouflage. We utilize high quality tools and pigments to ensure that the services we provide last for the maximum average time. We are so proud to service Colorado Springs and surrounding areas! If you’re interested in how our services can impact your life please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Thank you so much!

Behind The Scenes with Cashmyr

Cashmiyr received her education in Esthetics in 2014 from The Salon Professional Academy and soon after decided to pursue her dreams in permanent makeup artistry. Cashmiyr’s eye for detail and symmetry along with her empathetic nature is what drives her to provide exceptional service to her clients. As a result of her passion for esthetics and makeup Cashmiyr opened Chloe + Maddison Skin Studio named after her two beautiful daughters.


Magazine Feature

I own and operate Chloe + Maddison Skin Studio best known for advanced permanent makeup (PMU) and skin care services. I’m a licensed esthetician and permanent makeup artist specializing in Microblading services. Our staff and I cover a range of services to include not only permanent makeup but also traditional esthetics such as full body waxing, brow henna, lash extensions, and bridal makeup. The most popular service were known for is our brow menu of Microblading and shading which is a cosmetic tattoo procedure that combines manual and permanent makeup specific tools to fill in spare or thinning eye brows that give the look of actual brow hair. PMU has actually been around for decades but more recently as brow styles and trends have changed it has become widely popular among women.

A huge part of its popularity can be attributed to the convenience it brings. Busy women from all walks of life often have similar struggles when it comes to makeup. It’s time consuming, takes a bit artistry daily to apply, and good makeup products aren’t cheap. With that said, and the combination of fuller brows being a more traditional everyday look and newer innovation in PMU tools results are better now than ever before. It’s gaining much more traction in the beauty industry now that it’s regulated by DORA in most states and there’s formal licensing to become a PMU artist. Also there’s more celebrities such as Serena Williams and Savannah James (wife of Lebron James) who have opted for permanent brows so many more people are looking into it.

Among the benefits of PMU services would definitely be the confidence boost it brings, framing the face, giving balance to facial features, and saving time with your daily routine. Among those benefits also are the major medical benefits for individuals who cannot grow brow hair that suffer from conditions such as Alopecia, Cancer, or Trichotillomania. This service gives these individuals the ability to also enjoy natural looking eyebrow hair and not have to apply makeup daily. Permanent makeup generally last anywhere between 18 months and three years so another major benefit is simply the time saved from applying makeup daily and the cost of repeated products used to create the look achieved through Microblading which is done in a two hour appointment. Also keep in mind that PMU is not just limited to eye brows as we also offer permanent eye liner and lip blush which adds desired color and evens out lip tones.
As with any paramedical service you’d want to ensure there are no contraindications such as being pregnant or nursing, major heart conditions, etc. It’s very affordable in comparison to the benefits and finding the right artist for your desired look is paramount. When it comes to potential interest in our services I always remind clients to conduct proper research and to take time to ensure they are confident these services will be of benefit to them. Were always available for questions regarding permanent makeup and any concerns about it being right for you.


Sponsored MAgazine Feature  By SBDC


Featured Interview

Chloe Maddison Skin Studio | Cashmyr Scott

What role do you play in your Industry?

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Who is is one person that has influenced your direction in life? Explain How.

What advice would you give to the younger generation?

What do you want your legacy to be?

What else would you like people to know about you?

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Chloe Maddison Skin Studio | Cashmyr Scott

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