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Taking Care Of Families

When I was five years old, my father was incarcerated. Not knowing or understanding how long he would be gone I use to think any minute he would be coming back through the door to get me ready for bed and to read me a book as he did nightly. Unfortunately those minutes turned into years. It was making summers, holidays and birthdays without him hard for me. With the support and love from my family, I turned sadness into something to help myself and others. In 2010 I created Dollz4Dollz where I give little girls Dollz that have incarcerated father. My Dollz helped me get through the difficult times while my father was away. I could talk to my dolls, and they would not judge me or be mean to me because of my father not being present.
I have been blessed to be sponsored by the Millenium Allstars, Daddy’s little girl dolls, southeast armed service YMCA and a host of friends and family. I am hopeful to get more sponsorships and to be able to assist and mentor more children that were in the same situation that I was in.

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Che’Paris | Dollz4Dollz

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