Certified USA Track and Field Level-3 Coach

I build champions . Our science based training approach fuses today’s latest in sport-science with the human spirit, resulting in unrivaled success. We develop highly disciplined student athletes, with highly disciplined behaviors, followed by highly disciplined actions. Why? In order to be successful in sport and in life, student athletes must possess a powerful belief in their self-efficacy – their ability to perform. What they believe becomes the foundation of all they will ever achieve. Our athlete’s possess a sincere appreciation for discipline and believe by doing the properly designed work with focus and concentration each performance will grow dramatically better and eventually reach the highest levels, and ultimately achieve great performance!


I work in the private sector and also currently and also coach track at Pine Creek High School, My specialty is in short sprints (100-400) and the 100/110/300/400 hurdles

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Charmas B. Lee

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