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Goddess Innis | Intern

As a Brand Ambassador, Goddess believes in Celebrating & uplifting the local black community. This is your opportunity to financially support her work.


Blair Minnard | Intern

As a Brand Ambassador of My Black City, Blair believes in Celebrating & uplifting the local black community.

Betelhem Abera

I am lucky to have known Betelhem since her freshman year of high school and have continually watched her blossom into a thoughtful, compassionate individual. As a student, she is truly exemplary. From the moment I met her, Bethy has always risen to the occasion regardless of whatever task or assignment is put in front of her. She strives to challenge herself academically, enrolling in honors and AP classes throughout her high school career. From my perspective as her English teacher, her writing is poignant and thought provoking, well beyond any text we have read together. Her in-depth thinking sets a high standard for her peers and constantly raises the bar of status-quo expectations. Within the classroom, she is a natural leader, frequently approaching her peers and teachers with a paramount level of maturity.
In addition to her academic prowess, Betelhem’s willingness to put others before herself, from a lens of equity, might be her greatest attribute. As a first-generation student from Ethiopia, she has a unique point of view in regard to overcoming adversity from both a racialized, academic, and socioeconomic perspective. She has taken on extracurricular and leadership roles that allow her to be a mentor and a sounding guide for young Black females with similar backgrounds. Most notably, Betelhem founded Black Sisters Forum, inspiring women to become empowered through finding their voice and identity. She also currently serves in leadership roles in both Key Club and National Honors Society here at Smoky Hill High School. Betelhem always strives to be a powerful representation of her community, helping underrepresented people in society find their passion in life, as she emulates through her unwavering dedication.


Reagahn and Morgan Smith

Two young sisters who together form the Rainbowcubz. an avenue for younger children to gain access to community service.

Laryen Johnson

This youth is creative in The Arts. She is a self taught artist and needs to be recognized.

Matthias Micheal McGee

Matthias is a young man who is overcome much adversity in his young age to become one of the most humble hard-working young men I know. He overcame being extremely ill his entire Junior high year so much so that when he completed eighth grade he was told that he was going to have to do 8th grade again and would not succeed as a freshman but through advocacy and fighting on his behalf his father and I were able to get him into manual high School where not only did he Excel his freshman year but he is a straight A student his South one year he is a ranking officer in JROTC he is the freshman class president his freshman year and he is the VP of his sophomore class this year he is on the student board at manual high School and so many other things I cannot even begin to list them all. Not only that spiritually Matthias is so connected with his purpose give it to him by God he has been ministering the word of God since he was 2 years old and he has not stopped he preaches the word of God throughout the city of Colorado and lives by what he preaches. He is a very gifted and talented young man full of life Joy comedy laughter and peace.

Rhys Bowman

Rhys is a forward-thinking amazing 8 year old! Who dares to be different and excels in everything he tries. Rhys is the reigning Colorado Micro-Max champion for 2020. Check him out @rhysracing on IG.

Brooklyn Luckett s

Brooklyn Luckett

Nominated for excelling in academics, being a faithful and active member of New Life Christian Fellowship-Denver, being a changemaker.

jevon s

Jevon McKinney

Jevon is currently the senior class president at Widefield High School. He has involved his fellow student in various activities with bonding activities to help keep positive spirits during this pandemic


Jason & Antonio Martinez

Life throws you the unexpected, you take it and move on.  Goals and expectations have changed but we believe that this is our test and we ask for help, acknowledge the mistakes and embrace the changes.

Rachel Hill s

Rachel Hill

My next step into the journey of making me the amazing person I am. I will define these next chapters.

KiZhana (Kiki) Cooper S

KiZhana (Kiki) Cooper

Every journey has a beginning it consist of positive and negative, it is unavoidable.  But whichever path we choose will lead us to our destiny.

Gabriel Peterson

Gabriel Peterson

From music to defending our country, I dream of making my mark on this world.

Tianna Terrell s

Tianna Terrell

I recently graduated from Western State Colorado University, where I received my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing.

Theo S

Theodore McClatchey II

I moved out to Colorado in 2013. I decided it was a good idea to make a name for myself, get out there, and break the stereotype since I didn’t come from much.

Olivia LangleyS

Olivia Langley

My goals include becoming a dancer, choreographer, actress, director, cosplayer, and seamstress. I hope to meld them all together to create a unique representation of dance, theatre, and cosplay in the future.

Mario Wilson S

Mario Wilson

I am an aspiring healer. I want to care for my community. It grounds me and I want to help heal the parts and people I love most in them.

Keyasha Grandberry S

Keiyasha Grandberry

I own a tie-dye & jean fashion custom clothing brand! I aspire to spread more love, more creativity, and of course more eye-catching looks!

Kameela S Taylor S

Kameelah Sims-Traylor

On her way to becoming a criminal defense attorney, and eventually, an international investigative journalist. She is also among the inaugural cohort of the UC Hastings California Scholars Program

John Preston Hampton S

John Preston Hampton

John is a young social activist and entrepreneur who owns LMK productions

Imani Lige S

Imani Lige

I’m currently a sophomore at the University of Denver. I’m a business major, entering the marketing or management degree with an entrepreneurship concentration and a minor in leadership.

Chauncey Johnson 2

Chauncey Johnson

Chauncey is a positive and vocal representation for his generation. Despite the risks of going out in today’s very unstable racial climate, he made his voice heard and his tall stature visible to those passing by during the recent protests.

Briana Geter S2

Briana Geter

Juggling school, working a full-time job, and helping with her big family, she is an amazing young woman

Ashley REgister S

Ashley Register

An outspoken advocate that has helped many corporate business professionals understand the role they play in bringing about a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and belonging environment to our nation.

Arlonda Berry S

Arlonda Berry

Arlonda Berry not only is excelling while training for the Colorado National Guard at Fort Belvior, VA, but she is also a loving big sister and a caring peer to those she comes into touch with.

Aliyah Fard S

Aliyah Fard

Aliyah’s dedication to ensuring equity and inclusion in the arena of clean air, water, and food have been an immeasurable pursuit.

abel S

Abel Shaw

Abel is a youth of second chances with a heart of compassion.

Trinity Roberts S 2

Trinity Roberts

Trinity Reign Roberts is an example of when she sets her sights on something the sky is the limit. She has overcome many obstacles and continues to set a standard as a young entrepreneur.

Taylor Flowers S

Taylor Flowers

Taylor is the YES M.A.A.M. Teen Queen and she is a great mentor and leader within the program. She has served countless hours of community service including toy drives and collaborations with other organizations.

Silas Blanchard S

Silas Blanchard

Graduating in May with an Associate’s of Science Degree from PPCC and his High School Diploma. this 17-year-old has a GPA of 4.33.

Shoncire Graham S

Shonciré Graham

A local young leader who has excelled in her academics and is Inspiring those around her to be greater. A current student at Howard University.

Savanna s

Savannah Williams

#1 ranked boxer in her weight in USA Boxing, Outstanding leadership and sportsmanship.

Sa'Daiveon Newell S

Sa’Daiveon Newell

He is an outstanding young man and artist who impacted his former school (Denver School of the Arts) and his community in such meaningful ways

Rachel Europe S

Rachel Europe

Extremely talented and well rounded. Rachael is an amazing leader in her community.

Niasia Ali S

Ni’Asia Ali

Ni’Asia Ali is a sophomore at Sierra High School. She is a 4.0 GPA dual enrolled student . She loves to write and has a creative gift in it.

Milani cook S

Milani Cook

At the young age of 14 Milani began her work as a social activist for women’s rights. Milani’s contributed to the passing of the CROWN ACT.

Marina_Senior S

Marina Fennell

Marina is the Y.E.S. M.A.A.M. Scholarship Queen and she is a high honor student. Her GPA is 4.3 and she has been a phenomenal mentor.

Leslie Koffi S

Leslie Koffi

Aurora Scholar award recipient. An aspiring architect with a charismatic personality who challenges those around her to be better.

Leon Baker s3

Leon Baker III

Leon is a talented violinist who is a member of the Colorado Springs Youth Symphony Orchestra where he is the concertmaster.

Kelajanae Curry S2

Kelajanae Curry

An honor student at Sierra High School. She is a dual-enrolled student who is involved in the Peak Education program.

Justyce Sandlin S

Justyce Sandlin

Justyce is an exemplary student, captain of the step team, strong community leader and supporter of her friends and family.

Jordan Colburn s

Jordan Coburn

An outstanding scholar-athlete at Rangeview High School. Currently, Jordan has a 4.5 GPA, he is an aspiring aerospace or mechanical engineer.

Je Nia Manning S

Je’Nia Manning

Intelligence, poise, charisma, empathy, grit, leadership, and courage; Je’Nia has it all. Many students say they want to make the world a better place, Je’Nia just does it

Jaylean Franck S

Jaylean Franck

I am a freshman at UCCS and I am majoring in Computer engineering. I aspire to be the best person I can be every day.

Jakye Nunley S

Jakye Nunley

Jakye is a great kid but more than that he’s driven, motivated and a natural-born leader. Jakye is a 4.0 student.

Jadyn Phillips s

Jadyn Phillips

Jadyn had a fantastic junior season at Smoky Hill, qualifying for the 5A State Championship meet in every individual swimming event.

Essence s.jpeg

Essence Jennings-Ward

Essence is strong. Essence is a warrior. She is proof that your past does not dictate your future.

Ellis Hudson s

Ellis Hudson

Ellis is an outstanding role model for his younger brothers as well as every Young King that he mentors through The Crowley Foundation.

Devyn Jackson S

Devyn Jackson

Devyn is a scholar, athlete, artist, burgeoning activist, and a kind-hearted and benevolent community member, all before officially reaching adulthood

Eli Berry s

Eli Berry

Eli Berry (they/them) has experienced hardship due to being a non-binary black child in Colorado Springs. Through all of this, they have kept their head up and mind on the future.

Daniel Johnson S

Daniel Johnson

A musician (percussionist) since the age of 3 he has played for various churches around the country along with playing with the Denver Young Artist Orchestra.

Damaris Davis S

Damaris Davis

Damaris was one of only two defensive linemen at Overland High School to make 2nd Team All Centennial League this year

Ceirra Noel s2

Ceirra Noel

Ceirra is a striving and determined student activist who loves her community and seeks to make those around her better.

Ciera Nykohl Bowens

Ciera Nykohl

an amazing young lady. She is not only musically talented but is also an athlete and an amazing student. 

Cheyenne s

Cheyenne Cisse

A powerhouse academic, leader, and colleague who exudes confidence, intelligence, and kindness through every action and choice she makes. 

Ayauna smith-mcCullen s

Ayauna Smith-McCullen

Ayauna Smith-McCullen is an extremely outstanding young lady. She is currently attending Eastlake High School and is completing her senior year.

asia Moss s

Asia Moss

At the early age of 16, she received her acceptance letter to Regis University of Denver with an academic scholarship for the pre-nursing program

Ahyia Allen s

Ashyia Allen

Opening her business at 8 years old, Ashyia is redefining what it means to be beautiful and embracing all of who she is.

Angel s

Angel Amankwaah

Ms. Amankwaah is a huge advocate for the black community, youth, criminal justice reform, school choice, women, and all POC.

Ashlee taylor s

Ashlee Taylor

Ashlee is a social justice warrior. From being on the front lines in nearly every protest locally fighting injustices to empowering girls and women

Amina Fard 2

Aminah Fard

Aminah is a strong proponent for students’ rights, equity, and inclusion initiatives at her school and community.


Amaya Porter

Amaya has a nurturing, generous, caring, and helpful soul. She is observant to the needs of others, connects well with people, keeps in contact with people who matter to her, gives without expecting anything in return

Zarea Patrick s

Zariea Patrick

Zariea received a gold honor roll achievement award for her 3.8 GPA. She has been accepted into the Peak Education Scholar program, holding pageant titles.

Zamari s2

Za’Mari Talbert

A day-one Hillside Connection participant… Za’Mari is developing the resiliency needed to succeed in the game of life.

Vachon Brackett Family

Vachon Brackett Jr.

My son doesn’t talk, so in essence, My wife and I are his voice. Once you meet one person who’s autistic, you’ve only met one person who’s autistic.

Shaniya Newland s

Shaniya Newland

Shaniya not only has a great personality, but she loves life. She plays the violin beautifully, was very active in gymnastics.

Mariah s2

Mariah Hofmann

Mariah demonstrates excellent academic achievement, amazing leadership skills, and the ability to be resilient during this past year

Leon s

Leon Tsyganok-Williams

A young humanitarian that is involved in his community and cares about making a difference and helping others

Camar Toney s

Ca’mar Toney

He is an honor roll student at Mountain Vista Middle School and has been a part of Hillside Connection’s program since the beginning.

Britton Graw Chapman s

Britton-Grae Chapman

An outstanding individual, incredibly intelligent, and happens to be one of Colorado’s youngest successful DJ’s. He goes by the stage name “DJ Dopewave”

Armani Boxley s

Armani Boxley

Recently awarded student of the month, Armani possesses the heart of a champion. At an early age, he has demonstrated the ability to overcome challenges.

Amara Johnson s2

Amara Johnson

Amara is a very special young lady that Hillside Connection believes will change the world for the better. Amara is a rising star.

Dayne Solano

He has a 3.89 GPA, part of Pead Education, Elevated (mentors children to get to college) Panorama Park Youth Advisory Council, plays competitive basketball, gives back to his community by volunteering. Including volunteering at Care and Share, Balloon Classic, painting the lines on the basketball courts at his local parks, trail clean ups and does the yard work for his grandpa after a recent stroke. He is a leader at his school, captain of the basketball team and qb of the district football team. He is active in restorative justice and keeping his fellow classmates positive and helping them make the right choices. His work ethic shines in and out of the classroom. He also participated in the Black Lives Matter protest this past summer. He is focused on getting into college and wants to continue to give back to his Southeast Colorado Springs neighborhood as he goes through life.

Sierra Jarmon s2

Sierra Jarmon

“Sierra is a young woman of excellent character. She is always encouraging, She is a wonderful example of what a woman of character actually is.”

Nathan Carver

Nathan Carver

Colorado Beautillion-Cotillion, Inc | Youth Feature 2020

Maia Hill - Copy

Maia Hill

Colorado Beautillion-Cotillion, Inc | Youth Feature 2020


MarJayne’ Staples

Colorado Beautillion-Cotillion, Inc | Youth Feature 2020

Gene Sledge

Gene Sledge

Colorado Beautillion-Cotillion, Inc | Youth Feature 2020

La Renz Smith

La’Renz Smith

Colorado Beautillion-Cotillion, Inc | Youth Feature 2020

Kiya Grays 2

Kiya Grays

Colorado Beautillion-Cotillion, Inc | Youth Feature 2020

Jawai Williams 3

Jawai Williams

Colorado Beautillion-Cotillion, Inc | Youth Feature 2020


La’Ronn Smith

Colorado Beautillion-Cotillion, Inc | Youth Feature 2020

Jasmine Mack 2 - Copy

Jasmine Mack

Colorado Beautillion-Cotillion, Inc | Youth Feature 2020

Donna Winesberry_Page_1

Donna Winesberry

Colorado Beautillion-Cotillion, Inc | Youth Feature 2020

Delonte Dickey2

Delonte Dickey

Colorado Beautillion-Cotillion, Inc | Youth Feature 2020

Daquise Watson

Daquise Watson

Colorado Beautillion-Cotillion, Inc | Youth Feature 2020

Andazia Dickery SP

Andaiza Dockery

Colorado Beautillion-Cotillion, Inc | Youth Feature 2020

Trinity Washington_1

Trinity Washington

Colorado Beautillion-Cotillion, Inc | Youth Feature 2020


Tai’lynn Green

Colorado Beautillion-Cotillion, Inc | Youth Feature 2020

Virgyl Gerdine

Virgyl Gerdine

Colorado Beautillion-Cotillion, Inc | Youth Feature 2020


Jaiden Cunningham

Colorado Beautillion-Cotillion, Inc | Youth Feature 2020

Shamahra Henderson

Shamarah Henderson

Colorado Beautillion-Cotillion, Inc | Youth Feature 2020

AAliyah Fuller

Aaliyah Fuller

Colorado Beautillion-Cotillion, Inc | Youth Feature 2020

Goddess Innis | Intern

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