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Category: Money Management

Prince Porter | Blue Picket Realty

Prince Porter |Realtor I advise buyers and sellers in their pursuit to purchase or sell their homes. That will consist of counseling on the current


Nigel Grant | Edward Jones

Financial Advisor | 401(k) Options | Financial Strategies | Life Insurance | Estate and Legacy Strategies | Long-term Care Insurance


Demetrius Rayden Johnson | DSquared Financial Group, PBC

WE ARE: A disruptive team of diverse professionals specializing in various areas of financial services, with decades of experience and a world-class financial planning platform that we make available to our clients at no cost! Want to know more?

Alicia Coleman (1 of 1)

Alicia Coleman | Accountant & Financial Advisor

If you’re going to hire a CPA or an accounting firm, listen to ideas and suggestions, so you know what the “soup smells like”, because not all things are going to be a good fit your business, but it will also bring awareness to fraud scams that could cost you your business.

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Jacob Pruitt | T. Rowe Price

Diversity Of Perspectives | Feature Articles Skilled black employees that work for T. Rowe Price Jacob Pruitt | Vice President & General Manager Short Bio Jacob

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Stanley F. Gbandawa | T. Rowe Price

I’m a pre-implementation manager with T Rowe Price. I’m responsible for assisting our sales team with presenting our  service offering to institutional clients ranging in assets from 25 million to two or three billion dollars in assets.

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Stephane Wallace | T. Rowe Price

I most like the sense of community on our team.  As a hybrid team comprised of members in varying roles and located in two sites, we do a great job of building camaraderie and banding together to take care of our clients.

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Tekarah Harding | T. Rowe Price

I am a Personal Investors Acquisition Manager in Client Engagement. I primarily manage a team of associates whose share information about T. Rowe Price

Jennifer Yancey | Financial Services

Our VisionnTo give people from all backgrounds the power to become financial services business owners, so that every family can access financial knowledge, products, and

Ja’Nala’s Generational Wealth LLC

Project 1000nTo create 1000 millionaires in the next 5 to ten years and to educate on the importance of saving precious assets, as insurance for

Kyle Petties | Financial

Petty & Associates, P.C. nnEXPERIENCE. Kyle Petties Sr. has been a Tax Preparer since 2009 and has operated a full-service Financial Services business in Atlanta

Moor Soul Designs

Moor Soul Designs is a Colorado based apparel design company that was created to provide financial support and positively spread the JE

Britttany Burton | Realtor® & Associate Broker w/ PCS PARTNERS – Military Real Estate

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