Woman's History Month Nomination From Deborah Sims-Fard


Deborah Sims-Fard has nominated you to be a part of our Women’s History Publication featuring Local Black Women In Colorado that are creating a legacy in their communities.  We are excited to celebrate your impact in our upcoming publication. This will be our 16th Publication for the Colorado Community in the last 3 years. This is a black owned publications that focuses on celebrating local black communities.

We do all interviews, per written submissions, to make sure we represent you well. The Women’s History Month Edition will be finalized by Monday February 28th, to be sent to print and distribution.

Our digital publications are distributed for free, but we also have a distribution list of about 1000 subscribers throughout Colorado who we want to send the print edition to for free also.

Our publications are jet sized.  And your feature spread will be 2 pages. 1 page will feature a portrait of you and the other page will feature your answer to some of the provided questions below.  We will select your best answers to feature in the publication, but all your answers will be share on the online profiles we are creating for you.

Below is a sample of a 2 page spread.  This is how your feature will look.

Interview Questions

Please answer questions below and send us a professional portrait. Email content to info@myblackcity.org

250 Words will be used for the Print Edition, Unlimited words for online edition

  • Please describe what you do and what you love about it.
  • What impact have you made in your local community?
  • What are the most important qualities to for someone to have, that works in your industry?
  • What obstacles have you overcome or are overcoming in your industry so that you can excel.
  • What accomplishments are you most proud of?
  • What is one thing that you think we need to celebrate about black women more often?
  • What is the best advice that you have received about life?
  • What advice would you give to the younger generation?
  • What else would you like others to know about you?
  • What is your vision for Black Woman for the future?


Deborah Sims-Fard said you were also interested in helping us print and distribute this publication in March 2022, to our local Colorado community. You can pay for the $150 Sponsorship at http://myblackcity.org/womens-sponsorship

Women’s History Month

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