Faded & Braided Barbershop Owner/ Barber Instructor at TIGI Hairdressing Academy

My name is Bruce Simon and I am the co owner of Faded & Braided Barbershop. I also am one of the Barber Instructors at TIGI Hairdressing Academy. I’ve been cutting hair for over 12 years now and I’m passionate about what I do while helping others build self esteem and feel confident with the services I provide. I am an appointment based barber with steady clientele but I’m always looking for the opportunity to network and accept new clients. I’m very much involved in the community and always looking to give back when I can.


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Interview By DJ Washinton
Edited By Brandon Bornes

We want to know how Faded & Braided Barbershop was created?

Bruce | When I was at my last Barbershop, Su was the last barber we hired, post covid. Some things happened, some decisions had to be made, and we decided to leave the shop. I was going to do my own thing, but Su had reached out to me and said he found a new location. He was like, “I need you to come to check this location out.” I was like, “ I just got out of a partnership and not sure how I feel about jumping into another one.” He replied, “Just come talk to me, and if you’re not feeling it, we can both just do our own thing.” My mama told me, “ain’t nothing wrong with going to talk.” So I met up with Su, and we got to see the spot. Su was talking to me and saying, “Bruce, this spot can’t fail. if we do what we’re supposed to do, it can’t fail.” I prayed about it, and within 48 hours of filling out the application, we got approved. From there, it’s just been straight grinding, promoting, and building the team we currently have. That’s how Faded & Braided Barbershop came about.

Sudana | We are a One-Stop shop for men, women and children. Our clients can sit in our braider’s chairs and when they are complete with their service, jump into the barber’s chair to get faded to complete the overall look.

You are two strong African American men partnering with each other. How did you all make that work?

Sudana | Our energy, vibes, and being on the same frequency play a major part in making this work. When you meet people and realize they’re vibrating off the same frequency as you, it makes the atmosphere positive. I use that to help gauge who I should engage within business partnerships, networking and the people I choose to surround myself with.

Do you have any suggestions for the man who may be having dry skin and stuff?

Sudana| I would say first and foremost; you’ve got to stay hydrated based on the high-level altitude that’s in Colorado. Secondly, keep your hair moisturized with some kind of “leave-in” conditioner. Make sure you use it more frequently than you normally would

Bruce | Don’t wash your hair every day because it is going to dry out. Come up with a routine that works best for your hair. We understand everybody’s hair textures are different. We also do our best to research different products in order to make the best recommendations that will help our clients. We do professional consultations before and during the service. We also educate our clients on the products that we’re using so they can recreate their specific hairstyle once leaving the shop.

What makes your shop stand out from the rest?

Bruce | First and foremost, I want to say there are many great barbershops in Colorado Springs, and they all do great work. What makes us stand out from everyone else is that when you walk into Faded & Braided Barbershop, whether it’s your first time or you’re a repeat client, you are always treated like family. The environment of the shop is welcoming and family-oriented. When you come in, every barber in the shop is greeting you. As professionals, we feel it’s important to establish a relationship with our clients from the get-go.

Sudana | I would say it’s the Vibe. We have a different energy when you walk in the door. Our shop vibe is more linked to our individual personalities, which creates an overall positive atmosphere in the shop not just for our barbers but our clients as well. When people come into our establishment, they feel that Vibe immediately at the door.

How do you stay grounded when dealing with so many people and personalities?

Sudana | What keeps me level-headed is having daily affirmations. I have affirmations that I say to myself in the morning. I have affirmations that I say to myself at night. I read books to keep my mind in tune. I do a lot of personal care to keep my head level when dealing with so many different personalities daily.

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