Braids by Taja

Born in Newark NJ , raised in Long Island NY everything about me says east coast. Braiding was a gift I never realized I possessed until I moved to Colorado Springs in 2010. I always make sure I give props to my beautiful mom. She is the reason why I am able to touch others in such a special way. I was 5 years old when I approached my mom, eager to learn to braid hair. I will never forget the day my mom passed down her doll she had as a child to me. From that day forward my life changed ! I taught myself how to braid. My younger brother was my very first client ! At first we started with single plaits, then my mom would challenge me to cornrow. Little did my Mom know she would be planting my seed and building the foundation for me today. My mom is one of the strongest woman i have ever met and because of her, I am able to pour love and beauty into others.

My journey started in 2017. I love to try natural remedies for my type of hair and to my surprise it constantly kept breaking. After having enough I decided become chemical free and to do the BIG CHOP ! What a journey it has been the last 2 years. I treat my clients as I would treat myself, meaning I treat you and your hair just as if it was my own. Over the last two years i have made my own products consisting of natural oils and butters to protect our hair in and out of protective styles. I learned a simple regimen is all you need for natural textures. With keeping simple practices i find that it promotes healthy hair and growth for all my clients. My number one goal is to give my clients a great experience, build long lasting relationships, be able to help educate our Hair community and give positive energy to each and every clients that support my journey. I’m not your average braider, its more than the money or how many clients see me. I appreciate everyone who takes the time to do the research and view my art. This is art to me and each client allows me to paint their canvas. I thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart. You are apart of the reason Braids By Taja exist.

With Love & Light


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Braids by Taja

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