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How long have you been braiding hair and how did you get into it?

I started braiding at the age of 8 years old. Being one of seven girls, I grew tired of waiting my turn to get my hair done. My older sister Jeanette was the neighborhood Stylist. I would watch her braid hair all the time. Although I attended cosmetology school in Oakland, California, I am a self-taught braider.

What are the top 3 most popular styles for braids and why do people love each style?

The top 3 styles my clients ask for are the Knotless braids, Goddess Box braids and Marley twist. Knotless braids are popular because they are absolutely pain free! Clients love a beautiful, sleek braid that is versatile and light weight. Goddess box braids give you a beautiful braid look with pizazz. Adding a variety of curl patterns coupled with braids allows for a day or night look. Marley twist last forever, no kidding. If you love a natural look, light weight hair and longevity, marley twist are your go to.

What are a few reasons that people should consider braids?

One should consider braids because they are beautiful, versatile and your styling options are limitless. Healthy, stress free braids will also promote hair growth.

How long do different braid styles last and why?

Senegalese Twist – large 2-3 weeks if cared for properly and medium 4 weeks if cared for properly, Small 6-8 weeks if cared for properly.

Cuban/ Marley Twist (Cuban twist hair) – Large 6 weeks, medium 8-10 weeks, small 12 weeks if cared for properly you can wash the twist as well. The kinky hair last forever!!! You literally must force yourself to take the twist down!

Box braids – large 4weeks, medium 6 weeks, small 8weeks maybe 10 if cared for properly.

Goddess Box braids – if synthetic hair (freetress) is used for the leave out hair, you will see tangling within 2 weeks. If human hair is used, you will get regular Box braid times mentioned above.

Spring twist – small 6-8 weeks if cared for properly.

Faux locs – large 6 weeks, Medium 8 weeks, Small 10 weeks (if synthetic hair is used for goddess locs it will tangle and make the style
Look a bit messy before it is time) human hair is recommended although expensive.

Crochet – basic crochet 6 weeks
Crochet weave – 4 weeks depending on the hair you use.

This information is based on my personal experience alone. However, based on the stylist and personal Execution, pricing and longevity will vary.

How do you take care of your hair to prep for braids, while in braids and when you remove braids?

When you show up to your appointment with Braids by Kisha, I require my clients to have their hair, shampooed, detangled, dried and ready to braid. If a client does not wish to shampoo, detangled, and dry their hair, I do offer those services for an additional fee. I do prefer my clients to schedule in advance to insure we schedule enough time execute services. While braids are in, I suggest that my clients use a dry shampoo to clean their scalp. I am not a fan of fully submerging braids in water as drying them properly could be an issue. Removal of braids can be simple or time consuming depending on each individual skill level. I suggest using a healthy amount of conditioner and oil to moisturize your hair before coming through your hair after a complete braid take down. This procedure will insure the least amount of hair loss and the least amount of strain while detangling.

What are price the ranges that people charge for braids for different styles & why?

Pricing will always be up to the braid professional providing services. There really is not a “price range”. It is my earnest belief each Braid professional should charge according to skill level, style difficulty, and Self-worth.

What styles are best for sports?

When it comes to sports, I believe you should wear cornrows or light weight knotless braids, and box braids

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