Black owned agency empowering communities over industries, providing digital marketing, web design, management consulting and technical training.

Bnevol is a black owned business development and technical agency focused on communities over industries. We empower BIPOC, young learners, immigrants & refugees, and other underrepresented or marginalized groups to thrive in Tech by providing a carefully crafted suite of services and solutions to propel growth into transformational success.

We work with individuals, teams, or as partners within communities. Every case is unique, and we tailor our services to best meet the goals of each relationship through either on-demand consultation, direct training, or commission work.

Our Knowledge Areas Include…

  • – Digital Marketing (Organic, PPC, Social, etc.)
  • – Web Design
  • – Product Development
  • – Project Management
  • – Product Management



By focusing on communities, Bnevol supports young learners, fresh-start professionals, BIPOC professionals, immigrants/refugees, or women and young girls working (or seeking careers) in the Tech field. We are committed to increasing broader representation in Tech industries by directly engaging communities through our services and solutions, including…

  • – Career Track Planning
  • – Certification Road-mapping
  • – New Managers Coaching
  • – Leadership Development
  • – Interviewing And Assessment Training
  • – Fast-Track Training Programs
  • – Career Development and Mentorship
  • – Technical Training (Web Design, Project Management, Product Development, Digital Marketing…)
  • – Etc.



Whether you’re a solopreneur or an established SMB, breaking through in your market and staying relevant is an ongoing challenge. Bnevol helps organizations breakthrough with product development and commercialization fulfillment, marketing strategy development and execution, resource planning and talent scaling, and an array of tailored solutions to turn your business into a rocket-ship.

Supported Industries…

  • – Marketing Agencies
  • – Web Agencies
  • – Startups
  • – SMB (Small to Medium-Sized Business)
  • – Contractors / Freelancers
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