Blair Minnard | Intern

As a Brand Ambassador of My Black City, Blair believes in Celebrating & uplifting the local black community.

Why I Joined My Black City

The My Black City internship position first caught my attention because it honored and dedicated itself to the successes of African American individuals through unique and creative articles. This interning position offers unique skills such as writing, editing, and interviewing in which I highly look forward to engaging in because it utilizes some of my strongest skills and other skills I would like to engage more into.

Writing has always been one of my strongest skills. Whether it be creative writing or academic writing, writing has always been one of my passions and something I did well in because I got to express myself and sometimes tell a story or the story of other’s. I believe that this opportunity that I worked hard for will help me further my writing skills as well as build other skills that I can carry on throughout my future career as the skills required for this position are skills that will come in handy for other possible careers. Building relationships with other black business owners in our community and learning how to interview them will aid me when I start my own business someday in the future.

I have always loved the idea of owning and operating my own business and I personally feel like meeting others who do the same will help create a guide for me when I soon have a business to call my own. The overall experience that My Black City offers I believe will help benefit me in the long run. Learning how to write professional articles and edit them for publishing is a dream come true for younger me

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Blair Minnard | Intern

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