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Blackscape Studio connects you to art anywhere you are. Mosaic art is handcrafted and designed to enhance either your interior design or enjoyment in your outdoor living space.

Company & Designer

Blackscape Studio was conceived out of owner Joice Thomas’ love of interior design and gardening. A self-taught artist, she enjoyed designing interiors for family and friends, but felt a desire for a more meaningful connection to her culture when stepping into her outdoor space.

In her travels, Joice had always sought out city and botanical gardens. Her enjoyment of the cultural appreciation found in public gardens inspired her to incorporate traditional African themes and motifs into her own small space, where she tends flower beds and practices container gardening.

“I enjoyed the beauty of the gardens, but what really interested me was the use of garden accents that were placed throughout.”

“Every spring I looked forward to working in my yard and I always wanted to add garden decor that expressed my culture and my experiences. I would go to the garden centers in search of such garden decor and each year I would be disappointed in the non-existence of culturally specific garden accents.”

Blackscape Studio mixes rich African history with eclectic Black American experiences to “take culture outdoors.”

Each product is custom designed and handcrafted to honor an aspect of African or African-American heritage, so you can bring your love of this vibrant and dynamic lifestyle to your own outdoor living space.

Beautify your porch, backyard, deck or garden with our mosaic pavers and porcelain tiles at the same time as you renew your bond with African-American culture and honor its history.

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BlackScape Studio | Joice Thomas 

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