Art Gallery Set up Directions for Artists

We’re excited to have you showcase your artwork at our Black Art Festival, we have over 25 local black artists that will be presenting artwork, including high school and college students.  This is a unique Pop Up Gallery, that will be set up early in the morning, the day of event, and will be taken down at the end of the event.

All displayed artwork will be family friendly.  No vulgar content or themes will be allowed, including violent acts, nudity, sexual acts, drug use or drug symbolism, gruesome content/gore, and satanic imagery.   All artwork that will be displayed needs to be reviewed and approved by Brandon Bornes, the event coordinator.

Here are detailed directions for setting up and installing your art between 7 am and 9 am. We’ll also cover pricing your artwork.

Gridwall Panels: No art will be hung from the walls. All hanging art is required to be on a gridwall panel, provided by the artist. Each artist can have up to 2 (2ftx6ft) panels to display their work. If you were selected as one of our Premier Artists, you can have up to 4 gridwall panels to display your work. If you do not have a gridwall panel, you can purchase the one we recommend for $60 on amazon, Buy Gridwall Panel Here

 2. Arriving at the Gallery: Please arrive promptly at 7 am at the gallery location. Ensure you have your artwork, art grids, and any necessary display materials with you.  We will  have a team of volunteers that can assist you in setting up your artwork and grid panels.

3. Setting Up Your Space: We will provide you an assigned space when you arrive. A team member will assist you in finding it.

4. Hanging Artwork: Carefully hang your artwork on the art grids using hooks or other appropriate hanging materials. Ensure that all artwork is securely attached and level. If you have a specific order in which your pieces should be viewed, make sure they are arranged accordingly.

5.  Presentation: A team member will provide you with labels that you will be able to write descriptions for each art piece displayed. including title, medium, price, & contact information

6.  Pricing Strategy: Determine your pricing strategy in advance. Consider factors such as the size, medium, and your artistic reputation. If you’re unsure about pricing, research similar artworks or consult with a fellow artist for guidance.  Be prepared to explain your pricing to potential buyers. Mention the effort, time, and inspiration behind each piece. Offer a consistent and professional image to potential buyers. Decide how you will handle sales and transactions. You can accept cash, card payments, or a combination of both. Be sure to have a secure and convenient payment processing system in place.

 Artist Pre Event Meeting

A Zoom meeting will be scheduled Prior to the event, for the artists, to make sure all needs are addressed.  You can also Contact Brandon Bornes at 760-420-9045 or for help

Gallery Setup

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