Amara Johnson

Amara is a very special young lady that Hillside Connection believes will change the world for the better. Amara is a rising star.


Nominated By Hillside Connection Leadership

“God blesses certain people with specific gifts and we noticed Amara’s uniqueness at a young age. The daughter of a strong black woman (Shonda Graham), Amara is a very special young lady that Hillside Connection believes will change the world for the better. Amara is a rising star and has showcased the ability to lead at a young age. Yes, she is soft spoken in large groups but beyond that is a young lady passionate about serving others. This year alone she has led two fundraising efforts for Hillside Connection fundraising close to $1,000. The sky is the limit for this young lady.

Queen, leader, philanthropist, creative, caring are words that describe her. We are fortunate to have her in our program.”

Interview By My Black Colorado

What school do you attend and what year are you in?

I attend Soaring Eagles Elementary and I am in 3rd grade.

What do you think others would say that they like the most about you? explain why.

Others would say I am super funny, nice, a great team player, and have a big heart. They would say these things because I make jokes, I get along well with others, and always try to put a smile on other people’s faces.

When you are not in a class, what are the things you enjoy being involved with? explain why.

I enjoy being involved with basketball, golf, church and helping my community. I like to travel to explore Colorado.

What is the best advice someone has given you recently, who gave you the advice, and how does it apply to your life?

My family has taught me to not worry about what people think about me, to be grateful for what I have, and to be kind to others. This applies to my life because when people are making fun of you it doesn’t feel good but if you ignore them it won’t bother you. Being grateful for what I have and being kind to others shows gratitude and you should always be nice to people because you would want people to be nice to you.

What is one thing you want to get better at?  explain why.

I hope to continue to improve my math and basketball skills. I enjoy playing basketball and math is my favorite subject. Math is an important skill to have in life so I want to continue to challenge myself.

What do you think is one piece of advice that you think adults need to hear, to help them connect with the younger generation better?

I think adults should always be kind enough so kids can trust them. Adults should try to play with the younger generation for at least 5 minutes a day because it would help them connect to us.

What accomplishments or awards are you most proud of? explain why? 

Last year I became a gifted and talented student (GT Program) recognized in the state of CO and this is important because it shows how hard I work in and out of class.

I had perfect attendance for one year and this is important because it was a goal I set. I also didn’t want to take any vacations because I was trying hard to reach this goal.

Each school year I have been named as a student of the month at Soaring Eagles. This is important because it means I did really well on my work and was a good student in class.

I walked in the Denver Fashion Week Show and modeled for a dress company. This is important because I want to be a model and it gave me a chance to see what it was like. It also helped me overcome my stage fright.

What impact have you made in the community that you are most proud of? explain why?

Every birthday and Christmas I try my best to raise money for nonprofits. I raised almost $1,000 for Hillside Connection this year. I like doing random acts of kindness where I ask my mom for her debit card and I pay for police and military members’ lunch or dinner. I have also donated toys to children that don’t have many and have donated to The Children’s Hospital.

What do you think you want to do for a career.  Explain why?

I would like to be a book illustrator. Drawing is my passion and I love reading books. I hope to one day write and illustrate a book about girls riding long boards and playing sports because that’s what I like to do. It would also be fun to illustrate a book about my adventures around Colorado.

What role have your parents played in helping you excel in life?

My family gives me great advice and allows me to explore different activities like playing the violin, dance, golf, tennis, baseball. basketball, soccer, girl scouts, singing in church, volleyball, and most importantly traveling.

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Amara Johnson

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