Alfred Smith

Being in the military is not like other career paths, it has not only pushed me to be better as a person but as a father and dad.

Nomination By Anastasia Smith

What can we celebrate this nominee for?

“Sacrifice and dedication to ensure if his Country and his family are protected. Outside of his military career he consistently shows how important service to others are. He assisted in creating Rainbowcubz Youth Philanthropy Nonprofit. He is an amazing dad, husband, son and friend. He never looks for any accolades, he deserves to be acknowledged.”

An Interview With Alfred Smith

Branch , Rank, Years of service?

I served 4 years of active duty service in the United States Navy was honorably discharded as an E-3. I reenlisted into the United States Army, have been active duty since. I have served 11+ years in the Army, for a total of 15+ years. I am currently a promotable E-5 hoping to pick up E-6.

What did you do in the service?

While serving in the United States Navy I was in Ordinance. During my time in the US Navy onboard the Aircraft Carrier Harry S. Truman (CVN75) I completed volunteer service in many different countries. Now that I am in the army I am a Chef (I am pretty passionate about food). Still on my down time I give back, my family and I make bags to give to the less fortunate in the communites of Colorado Springs.

What was the biggest reason that led you to join the military?

I wanted to get out of my neighborhood, travel and make my family proud. She and my father were United States Navy Veterans as well.

What was the biggest lesson you learned in the military?

The biggest lesson that I can take away from my service to our country is that no matter the challenge, giving it you all is “all” you can do.

Has the military made you a better person?

Being in the military is not like other career paths, it has not only pushed me to be better as a person but as a father and dad.

What area of your life has the military helped you grow the most in?

The military has helped me the most, in communicating with others from all walks of life, cultures and countries.

What is your perspective of patriotism?

My perspective on patriotism, is simply this. I am a man who wants to not only provide saftey and stability for my family and community but also play a significant part in what that looks like.

What was your experience transitioning from active duty to civilian life?

I am still active duty and awaiting the day I can retire and see what that transition feels like.

What do you do, post active duty?

What I plan to do post active duty is play more basketball, sleep in later (lol), travel to see family more often. Just take advantage of the new freedom, that I was protecting for others.

What advice would you give to others transitioning into civilian life?

What are things that people should consider before they decide to serve their country?

Somethings that should be considered is amount of sacrifice that we take and our families take. It is a type of sacrifice words cannot even describe.


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Alfred Smith

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