Alexis Knox-Miller

Director of Equity and Inclusion For Colorado Springs School District 11

I am an educator first and foremost. I have been on my journey in education since 2004. When I began this journey, I knew that I wanted to fundamentally change the odds for any student that I encountered. I also knew that I wanted to work with students and communities that were under-served and under-resourced. Whether I was doing this work as a teacher, an instructional coach, a dean, or as an assistant principal, I always approached my work with a social-justice and equity lens.

I am the Director of Equity and Inclusion in Colorado Springs School District 11. This is a new position and we are the first district in this region to have an equity policy. I work to ensure that students have equitable outcomes and access. I work to remove barriers. My work is centered around ensuring that nothing gets in the way of students achieving. I am excited to do this work because all of our students deserve to see themselves in the curriculum, in the teachers who teach them, and in the policies we create.

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Alexis Knox-Miller

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