Principal at Overland High School

I lead an international high school of nearly 2,400 students to be young men and women that value their education, their time and the community in which we live. As our country experiences an awakening when it comes to race in America, I wake up each morning, look in the mirror and challenge myself lead and inspire staff to value cultural diversity. I challenge myself to set an example for all of my students, but particularly my students of color, when it comes utilizing education as a tool for fighting oppression, discrimination and ignorance. I knew I wanted to be a high school principal when I was a student walking the halls of George Washington High School. I saw the impact a principal’s values could have on a student’s entire perception of education. A principal that values the voices and diverse experiences of their students makes all the difference in the world. That principal demonstrates to students the importance of educating themselves and speaking truth to power which is an invaluable lesson that will carry them throughout their lives. One of my favorite quotes comes from poet Audre Lorde who said, “Your silence will not protect you.” Every day I hope to inspire young people to learn, speak and act. That’s the principal I hope to be.

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Aleshia Armour

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