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It only takes minutes to come up with an idea of how to celebrate our local black communities, but for many of us, it takes up much longer to make that idea reality.

When we launched My Black Colorado in 2018, we learned that turning an idea into a legacy, takes time, money and a lot of other ingredients.
All we wanted to do was make a difference. But instead, we were spending time and money on adminstrative tasks.

So we made it easier for ourselves and started creating a system and developed partners that made our work more effecient and effective.
However, we realized that there were a lot of local black communities that might not have resources to do what we are doing.

On top of that, most that do have the resources, can have a hard time finding effective, sustainable solutions to help celebrate thier local communities, and create a legacy
We couldn't find anyone doing what we were doing, how we were doing it, so we started My Black City.

My Black City is everything we wished we could find when we started on this journey to celebrate our local black communities.

With My Black City, we get all the benefits of launching your own publication, without any of the setup costs, paperwork, our daunting administrative tasks associated with it. You don’t need to know the ‘right people. All you need is a passion to make a difference, and to reach out to us.

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer."

Harriet Tubman


My Black City is a passionate team of local change makers.


Brandon Bornes

The Founder & Editor in Chief of My Black City. Brandon has a background in multimedia & marketing which includes video production, photography, website design, and writing.  Brandon uses his gifts, talents & skills to uplift the local community.


Jini Bornes

Co-Founder  of My Black City. Jini has a background in multi-cultural educational counseling. Jini is also the mother of 4 boys.



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Ralph McCoy

Im am a My Black City Brand Ambassador in  Colorado Springs.  Design is what I do! Social Media Consultant for small business, custom logos, fliers, all promotional and business related graphics and documents.


Cynthia Camble

I am an unique visionary to bring your written project to life. With 20 years of Document and Information Management experience to include working in the Government, Non Profit, and Private sectors the power of the written word has always been my great passion.


Tina Adams

Tina Adam’s passion for writing began when she was a young girl writing for her high school newspaper. Since then, she has authored and co-authored four books to include her best-seller, “Out of Darkness.” Ms. Adams has always loved writing and sharing messages that God would give her through the written word.  Her heart is rooted in helping people produce well-written works of art.


Shirley Martinez

My name is Shirley Martinez. I am a retired army veteran and recently retired from Colorado Springs Utilities.  I am currently the vice president of the Pikes Peak Diversity Council, Inc and a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultant. In my free time I spend time with my family, I love to volunteer in the community, read and grow flowers. I work many hours to bridge and connect groups or individuals together to bring about change.

Dr Anthony Young-modified (1)

Dr. Anthony Young

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Rodney Gullatte-modified

Rodney Gullatte Jr.

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Ritchell Gittens

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Micheal Williams

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Ellie Redcloud

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