We are excited to share our mission with you, our community, which is to passionately contribute to the enrichment of youth as mentorship is at the core of all that we do. nnOur platform of Mentoring Across a Lifetime has four pillars: Education, Health & Wellness, Leadership Development, and Economic Empowerment. We are a network of committed professional men who believe that “What they see is what they’ll be.” Therefore, we mentor by providing structure and guidance where it will benefit the growth and development of our mentees. We believe that by pouring our time and talent into the uplift of the youth of our community, we will contribute to more positive outcomes and assist in the development of more socially responsible and productive citizens. nnWe are changing the examples set before our youth, further we are reaching into our community to interact with the youth to let them know that there is the prospect of a positive outcome for their future as well. We are Real Men, Giving Real Time. nnThe 100 Black Men of Denver, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 charitable non-profit organization. Our members come from various backgrounds and professions, all sharing a common passion and commitment for sharing their experience and guidance with the youth who will become the future leaders of our great nation. We emphasize education, achievement, self-confidence and respect when instructing our youth mentees on how to not only achieve but in order to thrive in their respective pursuits. nnOur co-ed mentorship program includes youth from all races and backgrounds. Currently, our flagship mentorship program The Reading 100 focuses on youth in grades 4-5 who are students in Title 1 schools who benefit from lessons in self-confidence, respect for the instructional environment, literacy, math and the appreciation for how a focus on academic achievement can alter the trajectory of their future prospects. nnIf you are interested in partnering with The 100 in the Greater Denver Metro area, I encourage you to contact us to discuss how we can improve our community in a collaborative fashion. Also, if you are interested in volunteering or mentoring with The 100, please contact us to learn about us. nnYours in Service, nnJustin Brooks, President

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100 Black Men of Denver Inc.

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